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Basket for Gifting

We offer 3 sizes of Bushel Baskets and we will choose the best size to fit the items you'd like inside. Please note above before adding to cart. You may also note in the COMMENT section at Checkout.

All 3 sizes are the same price of $4.95.

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Cat Toy | 2-PK | Ball

Show your fur baby the love with these charming 1.5″ ball toys.
Pack of 2.
Assorted colors.


Cat Toy | 2-PK | Donut

Who doesn’t want yummy donuts?
The 3″ toys are perfect for all cats.
1 pink and 1 chocolate donut.


Cat Toy | 3-PK | Sushi

Of course cats love sushi!
Cats love tossing these around and chasing them.
The pack comes with three 3″ sushi pieces.

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