Snack Container | Abacus

• Handle designed for easy grip by little hands
• Beads can be removed for easy cleaning
• Dishwasher safe
• 12 months +
• 6.76 fluid ounces
• Dimensions, inches: 3 h x 4.8 w x 3.6 deep
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This snack container doubles as a fun toy! Your little one can have fun spinning, counting and playing with the multicolored beads attached to the container.

The soft and flexible finger trap prevents spills – so even if your mess-making kiddo shakes the container upside down, the snacks won’t fall out…BUT to be safe, there's a second lid to keep those crumbs in the container and not your bag. 

The two things we absolutely love about this snack container: 1) it’s multipurpose – it’s a toy and a container all in one, and 2) the flexible finger trap is removable, so the container grows with your child (it’s hard to believe but the day will come when your toddler no longer dumps their snacks on the floor!). 

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