Soap Dish | Natural Bamboo | Mini/Square

• Sustainable Bamboo
• Approx 2" x 2"
• 3 Slats for Fast Drainage
• Natural Antimicrobial 
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Save your soap and use a zero-waste soap dish!

Keeping soap up off the counter prolongs its life by keeping it dry so it is not sitting in a pool of water. 

Small and unique bamboo soap dish is perfect for small spaces like the bathroom or a shower shelf.

Fits the smaller soap bars like the Shave Soap Bars, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars, and Deodorant Bars.

Also a good place for a Konjac Sponge to dry on. 

Bamboo is a great choice for a soap dish as it is strong and water-resistant.

Use a palm brush to clean out the grooves every once in a while to keep it looking great.

You can also use vinegar to clean if you have hard water.

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