Bar Soap | Hogwash

• 6 oz. bar
• All natural
• Made in the USA
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If you need it clean, just say "Hogwash!" Big, chunky bars that last. Try it on your toughest clothes stains. An excellent hand scrub for gardeners, mechanics, and kids.

Because of the high glycerin content, you can wash several times a day without drying skin, and it really works to get dirty hands clean.

Hogwash! is an astonishing stain remover for laundry, carpet, upholstery, car interiors, quilts- you name it!

Hogwash! is a combination of different bars of soap mixed with cornmeal. The cornmeal is organic and will not accumulate in pipes.


Ethan 04-04-2020 20:16

It works so well on all kinds of stains, blood, ink, grass etc. It also works well on mold! Smells pleasant and can be used to get dirt and grime off your hands after coming in from the garden.One bar lasts very long time!

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