Seasonings | 18-Pack | Kitchen Essentials

• Made in Asheville, NC USA
• Small batch
• Includes Kraft gift box
• Tins approx 1.5 oz
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Featuring an 18-tin spice starter pack for the aspiring home chef dipping their toes in the culinary waters, or the seasoned veteran who needs a refresh of flavor and potency in their expiring spice rack.

A thoughtful gift for celebrating a new home, a new love, a birthday, or just because.

The Spicewalla Kitchen Essentials 18 pack will rejuvenate any kitchen with fresh spices and superior flavor.

Cumin Seed - Cayenne Chilli Powder - Granulated Garlic - Granulated Onion - Dark Chilli Powder - Ground Yellow Mustard - Crushed Red Pepper - Smoked Paprika  - Green Cardamom Powder - Cinnamon Powder - Cloves - Ground Turmeric - Moroccan Coriander Seed - Mediterranean Oregano - Rosemary - Herbs de Provence - Fennel Seed - Ginger Powder

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