Sponge Wipes | Washable | Kitchen Roll

• 100% Natural
• Materials: Cotton + Wood Cellulose
• Replaces 60 paper towel rolls
• Machine + Dishwasher washable
• Made in Germany
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PLASTIC-FREE ALTERNATIVE: Washable sponge cloths made of wood cellulose and cotton - the alternative to conventional kitchen rolls and cleaning cloths made of plastic fibers. Washable at up to 60 ° C in the dishwasher or washing machine.

100% NATURAL PRODUCT: Wood cellulose and cotton from sustainable cultivation - soft & lint-free. OEKO TEX certified.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Made from renewable and sustainable resources - without adhesives, plastics, solvents or materials of animal origin. The lifestyle product for your zero waste household.

DURABLE & PRACTICAL: Your towels are versatile and can replace up to 60 rolls of kitchen paper. Use your sponge cloths to wash, dry, clean, or wipe away. Can also be used for baby items.

STYLISH: In a beautifully designed folding box made of recyclable cardboard to avoid plastic and packaging waste - for a clean environment.

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