Tibetan Prayer Flags | Windhorse

• Handmade in Nepal
• 10" L x 3" W x 5.5" H (5 short flags)
• Sustainable Lokta paper
• Fair trade
• Eco-friendly dyes
• Made with renewable/recyclable fiber
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Hang a Prayer Flag for peace.

It is believed that the ‘Windhorse’ or ‘Lung-ta’, featured in this set, gallops through the heavens carrying goodwill for the benefit of all beings.

Made using 2,000-year-old techniques with sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper, a tree-free eco paper fiber that grows in the hills of Nepal.

Use Prayer Flags to promote peace, compassion and wisdom. The wind blows the prayers though the universe and rains carry the prayers away to the earth.

The five colors of the flags represent the harmony of five elements in balance; Blue=sky & space, White=air & wind, Red=fire, Green=water & Yellow=earth.

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