Travel Soap | Swedish Dream Sea Salt

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Sea Salt Soap’s "like a day at the beach" sea salt scent, combined with a rich foamy lather and natural exfoliators will keep skin soft & smooth all day.

Great for a skin-healthy shave too! Drop the soap in a mug and lather up, or use it for legs!

Key Ingredients: Sustainable palm and coconut oils, sea salts, glycerin, sunflower seed wax. Made locally in the USA.

Extend the life of your Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap with the eco-friendly Soap Saver!

Made from 100% organic cotton, this reusable pouch makes the perfect exfoliator, washing away impurities and dead skin cells & leaving your skin refreshingly soft and smooth.

To use, drop the bar inside the Soap Saver and tighten the drawstring to close. Hang dry in between each use. To clean, wash pouch out with warm water and let air dry.

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