Stacker | Twist & Snack | Happy Cactus

• Size: 8" H x 2.25" Dia
• Small: holds 1/3 cup
• Medium: holds 3.38 ounces
• Large: holds 1/2 cup
• Lead-free/BPA-free/Phthalate-free/PVC-free
• Hand-wash preferred
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Just because they are prickly doesn't mean they aren't sweet.

The Twist & Snack Stacker is a stacking container for snacks or powdered formula.

Complete with three different sized compartments, carabiner, and removable lid.



Ethan 06-04-2020 17:29

These extremley practical containers are great for any use! They're super easy to carry and make great for trips outdoors!

Sadey 01-04-2020 18:08

I know that these are intended for children, but I'm a college student and use this to bring snacks to class, haha! Love this thing!

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