Wallets | Slim

• Smaller version of Half Wallet
• Holds 2-8 cards and folded bills
• One pocket on each side / one in the middle
• Measures 3.9" x 2.4"
• Premium U.S. vegetable-tanned leather
• Handmade in Portland, OR USA
• 10-year warranty
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Naturally absorbent material gives the wallet a beautiful patina—a softer, darker quality that develops on the surface of the leather, giving it character that's uniquely yours.

Featuring premium vegetable tanned leather from Wickett and Craig, one of the last vegetable tanneries in the U.S.

"Veg tanning" is the authentic, age-old process of treating leather with organic tanning agents, such as oil from tree bark or other plant material. This process is designed to make the material more durable and resilient. 

And the best thing about vegetable tanned leather is how it ages. Every wallet develops a unique patina from its user. After a year or so, no two wallets look the same.

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