Toothbrush Set | Biodegradable Wheat Straw

• Set of 6
• Plastic & Nylon free
• Natural Kraft box set
• Colored Logos
• Made in Germany
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HEALTHY TEETH: For safe and gentle cleaning of teeth with plastic-free castor oil bristles.

MAXIMUM ECO / BENEFIT BALANCE: The more ecological and resource-saving alternative to conventional electric toothbrushes or bamboo toothbrushes with the same or better cleaning power - 100% vegan and BPA-free.

STYLISH: Beautifully crafted toothbrushes in a modern, minimalist style including colored logos for better differentiation, packed in recyclable cardboard to avoid plastic and packaging waste - for a lifestyle as it should be.

PRACTICAL: Toothbrushes ideal for at home or on the go in a stylish natural cardboard box that can be taken anywhere.

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