The Venue at PLENTY in Downtown OKC

The Venue at PLENTY is attached to our flagship store in Downtown Oklahoma City in historic Automobile Alley. Our building was the original Chevy Dealership in Oklahoma City 100 years ago. Guests access events through our Broadway Ave storefront and are guided through the shop before entering into The Warehouse where they find The Rooftop stairs.

The Rooftop is a 2,300 square foot, lit, uncovered, open floor plan space with interior/exterior stair access, with a max capacity of 150 persons. (No elevator access)

The Warehouse is a 1,800 square foot, lit, climate-controlled, white brick space with Broadway Ave and rear alley access, with a max capacity of 90 persons.

The Rooftop & The Warehouse can be rented together or separately. The person capacity compounds when both spaces are rented together for a combined total of 240 persons, but the capacity limits per space still remain. Both the warehouse and rooftop are outfitted with many of our favorite and functional pieces and additional PLENTY-Picked Props are available for on-site rental.


Photos of the venue at PLENTY in oklahoma city     

venue badge and credit






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