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6-12 Years
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Autistic Legends: From Dan Aykroyd to Bobby Fischer, Temple Grandin to Greta Thunberg, Autistic Legends Alphabet presents a wide - ranging A to Z of inspiring people on the Autism spectrum. Beautifully illustrated and movingly written, this unique Alphabet Legends title is a ‘must read’ for every young person on the spectrum, and their family. 

Dyslexic Legends: From Albert Einstein to Agatha Christie, Pablo Picasso to JFK, Dyslexic Legends Alphabet presents an eye-opening and motivational A to Z of legends with dyslexia who have made their inspirational mark on our world. This book is a must- read for any child who may be struggling at school or feel like their dyslexia is holding them back from achieving greatness.

Biblical Legends: From Jesus Christ to the Virgin Mary, Noah to Samson, Biblical Legends Alphabet joyously celebrates an important collection of people, stories and themes from the New and Old Testaments. Stunningly illustrated in a memorable format, Biblical Legends Alphabet is a wonderful way to introduce children to some classic lessons from the Bible – at bedtime or any time.

Liberty Legends: From the Dalai Lama to Harvey Milk, Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Martin Luther King Jr., Liberty Legends Alphabet marches through history in search of those who fought for their freedoms and others’, and changed the world for good. Boldly illustrated, this book is sure to inspire your little legend to stand up and make a difference.

Rainbow Legends: From Bayard Rustin to Tim Cook, Harvey Milk to Keith Haring, Rainbow Legends Alphabet brings together a formidable A to Z of folks from the LGBTQ+ community who have taken a stand, loudly and proudly, for the rights of their community. Boldly illustrated, this book will be a hit with children of same-sex couples, or children of any family that teaches inclusion and tolerance.

Eco Legends: From Al Gore to Jane Goodall, David Attenborough to Greta Thunberg, Eco Legends Alphabet presents an inspirational A to Z of those who have stood proudly and defiantly beside Mother Earth. Lovingly illustrated and informatively written, Eco Legends Alphabet is the perfect title for any lover of nature, or anyone joining the movement that will define our era.

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