Astronaut Ice Cream | Neapolitan

• Net wt 1 oz
• 100% Real Freeze-Dried Ice Cream
• Developed for NASA in the 1960s
• 3-Year Shelf Life
• Made in Boulder, CO, USA
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Ready to Eat: No refrigeration or rehydration required. The perfect treat for hiking, camping, school snacks, kids’ parties or to enjoy as an everyday dessert.

100% Real Ice Cream: Start with real ice cream, freeze it to -40F degrees, then vacuum dry to remove more than 98% of the water. It’s real ice cream that melts in your mouth, without the mess.

Made in the USA: This is the Original Freeze-Dried Ice Cream - the very same ice cream developed for NASA in the 1960’s. Proudly made in Boulder, CO.

3-Year Shelf-Life: This no-mess, no-melt snack or dessert can be stored for up to 3 years. No refrigeration required.

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