Board Book | Count & Find Primer | Trees

• Counting Primer
• Features 26 illustrations
• 32 pages
• Illustrated by Greg Paprocki
• Made w/ FSC paper & vegetable inks
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Teach your toddler to count from 1 to 10 and introduce them to different kinds of amazing trees found across the United States with this colorful counting primer.

Have fun reading—and finding—with your child as you search for trees such as "1" Mangrove Tree, "5" Giant Sequoia Trees, and "8" Quaking Aspen Trees.

One you’re finished counting, the last spread contains 10 more objects hidden throughout the book for you to find next, as well as a page dedicated to explaining fun facts all about the trees you just read about.

Board Books are perfect for toddlers! The hard pages keep them from tearing the pages of the book and allow them to last longer!

Books are approx. 32 pages in length, starting with a letter of the alphabet and a word and illustration that embodies aspects of the era or topic.

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