Book | Maybe

• Author: Kobi Yamada
• 40 Page Hardcover
• Printed on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper
• Non-toxic vegetable inks
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You are the only you there ever has been or ever will be. You are unique in all the universe. Just the odds of you being here at this exact place and time are so great and so rare that it will never happen again. 

Written by the New York Times best-selling author Kobi Yamada of What Do You Do With an Idea?, this is a story for everything you will do and everything you can be—for who you are right now and all the magical, unbounded potential you hold inside.

With rich, enchanting illustrations, it’s a reminder that you were meant for incredible things. And maybe, just maybe, you will exceed your wildest dreams.

Pair "Maybe" with its adorable companion Flying Pig Plush to create an inspiring gift that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.  


Erica S 19-03-2021 20:23

A really sweet book with beautiful illustrations and a sweet message that's fitting for any age!

Marisa Schnitz 29-05-2020 20:25

This book is so great not only for children but for everyone. "Maybe" is so uplifting that whenever we feel like we "can't" this book inspires us to see that we "can".

Lauryn Melchert 08-04-2020 19:47

This book as such a great story and is a great book to read with your kids!

5 stars based on 3 reviews