Book|Only in America: The Weird and Wonderful 50 States

• Hardcover, 112 pages
• Oversized: 10" x 12"
• Illustrator: Alan Berry-Rhys
• Printed on FSC®-MIX paper w/ soy inks
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A state-by-state compendium of weird laws, quirks, one-offs and unusual records only to be found in the wonderfully wacky US of A.

Only in America explores the strangest claims to fame and the most unusual place names every state has to offer.

Visit the city of Dinosaur, drop by the Pizza Museum, find out where it is illegal to feed a pig without a permit, and check out the world’s only ‘carhenge’ (that’s right, Stonehenge reconstructed using cars).

Among many other marvels, discover:
• The longest gum wrapper chain (over 20 miles!)
• Which state has the highest ratio of cows to humans in the country?
• The origin of shoo-fly pie, a molasses cake baked in a pie crust
• The world’s largest (fake) bug, a 16.5-meter blue termite
• Where ‘dinner’ means lunch and ‘supper’ means dinner

Illustrated by the brilliant Alan Berry-Rhys in a bold graphic art style that evokes vintage Americana, the book is arranged state by state, giving key facts about each and presenting an alternative and hilarious look at quirky phenomena that are truly only in America.

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