Book | Historic Photos of Oklahoma

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• 220 Pages
• 8.5 x 0.75 x 8.5 inches
• Archival B/W photos
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Oklahoma has an excellent photographic record, largely because the twin territories developed along the same general timeline as modern photography itself.

Historic Photos of Oklahoma is not an illustrated history of Oklahoma, nor is it an attempt at a visual chronology of the state. Rather, the photographs included here tell the story of this diverse group of people called Oklahomans as witnessed in their faces, the homes they cherished, and the streets they traveled.

Just as viewing a succession of school photos reveals the periods of beauty and awkwardness, innocence and maturity, and hardship and joy in a child’s life, the reader of this book will see the tragedy of Indian removal, the exuberance of land runs, the shame of segregation, the anguish of the Depression, and the optimism for the future in Oklahoma.

In between are glimpses of how we used to live, work, and play in the forty-sixth state of the Union.

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