Bowl | Fruit Dessert

• Natural stoneware & liquid porcelain
• High-firing results in slight variation in color & texture
• Approx 6" dia x 1.5”
• Food & Dishwasher safe
• Oven safe - start from room temp in cold oven to avoid cracking
• Made in the USA
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This spectacular and truly unique handmade Terrafirma Ceramics Fruit Dessert Bowl is alive with color and texture!

Made entirely by hand and kiln-fired to extremely high temperatures, each elegant piece has its own personality and great durability.

Slight variations are the natural & desired result of the hand building and high-firing process, assuring each piece of its individuality.

Mix and match with other Terrafirma pieces to create a one-of-a-kind tabletop look. Every piece is signed and dated by potter Ellen Evans.

NOTE: Care for your Terrafirma pieces as you would any fine china. The microwave may be used for warming, meaning no more than two minutes.

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