Men's Bracelet | California Cord

• Adjustable cord & brass bracelet
• Available in Silver & Gunmetal
• Cord: 7mm thick (cotton, polyester)
• Adjusts using extender chain from 7-8.5"
• Made in the USA
Availability: In stock

American Handcrafted Jewelry for Men.

We Are All Smith Men's Jewelry and Apparel are inspired by our history, current state of mind and childhood memories - inspiring you to use where you came from and your own memories to shape your vision into something you too can pass on.

The word smith is defined by one who makes anything: like a metalsmith, a locksmith, a wordsmith, etc. In today’s world, we are all “smiths” of our own destiny. We can forge our future into any shape we choose.

Never Follow. Be your own Smith.

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