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Candy | Beemans Gum | Nostalgia Tin | 10-PK

Candy | Beemans Gum | Nostalgia Tin | 10-PK

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• 10-Packs
• 5-Sticks per Pack
• Embossed Keepsake Tin

“Um-mm Good Old-Fashioned Flavor”

In the 1890's, Dr. Edward Beeman of Ohio added pepsin powder (a digestion aid he gave his patients) to chicle to produce the popular Beemans Pepsin Chewing Gum.

Get a vintage collector tin filled with Beemans Gum!

The tin is a hard, metal case with a matte finish that contains 10 packs of Beemans Gum.

There is an image of a couple on the front buying Beemans gum at the dime store.

The Beemans Gum logo is actually embossed on the tin.

It's a great place to store your gum, and a perfect gift idea.

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