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Candy | Chocolate Bar Mini

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• Net wt .5 oz
• Certified USDA Organic Ingredients
• Fair Trade Cacao
• Soy, Gluten & Palm Oil Free
• Made in Fergus Falls, MN, USA

These delectable mini bars are small-batch handcrafted with all-natural organic ingredients and fairly traded cacao.


Scorpion Pepper: This bar has just a touch of heat from Trinidad scorpion pepper. You'll get the endorphin rush of heat from the pepper, balanced with the richness of our dark chocolate.

French Gray Sea Salt: This bar is simple sophistication with each salt-laced bite. The cacao is lightly roasted to maintain its delicate flavor before adding mineral-rich grey sea salt from France.

Caramel Crack: The crunch of real caramel toffee studs this dark milk chocolate bar for a snap and crack that you'll taste and feel.

Golden Milk: This bar, with its vibrant yellow color, has all the richness of turmeric golden milk, wrapped in the goodness of real white chocolate. It invites you to stop and savor the moment.

Cardamom Krumkake: The traditional Scandinavian Krumkake—a thin, sweet cookie made on a hot iron then shaped around a cone—is broken into cookie crumbles and added to dark milk chocolate.

Honey Lavender: This is a bar to be savored. It pairs perfectly a delicate balance of lavender with real honey swirls. It's the flavor of summertime that you can enjoy all year round.

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