Candy Chocolate Bar | Variety

• Net wt. 2.25 oz (64 grams)
• Milk, Dark, & White Chocolate
• Made in Denver, CO, U.S.A. since 1920
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Soda Pop: This milk chocolate, cola flavored treat will delight your taste buds with a fun, fizzy surprise.

Coconut Cream Pie: Enjoy the delicious combination of decadent milk chocolate with creamy ganache and shredded coconut.

Bourbon Pecan Pie: Chocolate lovers, this is a must-try treat! The delicious milk chocolate shell is filled with a classic bourbon pecan pie caramel. Delicious and decadent! 

Chicken & Waffles: A breakfast-themed snack! Chicken and Waffles Milk Chocolate with Maple Syrup will make you feel like you are at your favorite diner with a hot plate of yummy breakfast, the only difference is its coated in chocolate!

Mint Chocolate Chip Dark: Mint Chocolate Chip Dark Chocolate with Mint Creme Center. Iconically familiar. 

Birthday Cake White: Celebrate Hammond’s 100th with the Birthday Cake White Chocolate & confetti Chocolate bar! If you're a fan of white chocolate, you will fall head over heels for this bar!  

Midnight Snack Milk: Hungry for a Midnight Snack? Pretzels, cookies, brittle, marshmallow and cereal—this Chocolate Bar has it all. It's the ultimate way to satisfy your cravings in the middle of the night!

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