Cat Toy | All-Natural | 7-Piece Gift Set

• Handmade
• All natural materials
• Carbon neutral
• Includes kraft gift box
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Get this fun little GUUD Brand seven piece cat toy collection, including the following:

• Two Sisal & Feather Mice (3" x 1.5") - All-natural materials spun together and topped with a feather to taunt your little kitty
• One Hemp Cloth Mouse (3" x 1.5") - tethered by string to a wand (15.75" long) with a bell to keep their attention 
• One Plush-style Mouse (3" x 1.5") - tethered by string to a ring and bell.
• Two Drum Toys (2.5" x .5", 1.5" x 2.5") - with feathers
• One Sisal Ball (2.5"d) - with feather

ALL-NATURAL- Each toy is made from natural wood, sisal, hemp cloth and feathers, so you can have peace of mind while your kitty hunts new "prey."

All products are carbon neutral and a portion of proceeds are invested in non-profit clean and green tech organizations.

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