Refill Disk | Dry Earth | Royal Plunge Toilet Plunger

• Replacement absorbent disks 
• Made of 80-90% natural silica
• Absorbs excess water | Prevents odor & mold
• Measures 5.95" x 0.43"
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Dry Earth™ is made from a natural stone in the form of a disk to be used at the base of your favorite bathroom essentials.

Used to absorb excess water and prevent mold, this anti-bacterial powerhouse is a real game-changer in the bathroom.

Diatomaceous earth gets its name from what it’s made of—diatoms, or tiny aquatic species that accumulate in our waterways. Diatomaceous earth is essentially a collection of fossilized remains. It’s high in silica, so it’s used to treat certain health conditions.

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