Essential Oil Collection | Sensual

• Set of 3 oils
• Net 10ML
• Responsibly sourced
• 100% pure
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Woolzies Sensual Essential Oil Collection contains three enchanting and romantic oil blends that encourage feelings of excitement and passion.

These blends can be diffused, inhaled, and applied to the skin.

LOVE POTION Blend has a rich floral scent that will encourage warm feelings & joy. It includes oils of jasmine, neroli, rose, white lotus, & vetiver.

BLISS Blend has a sweet floral aroma & helps with feelings of calm and tenderness. This blend is made up of rose, geranium, jasmine, clary sage, & vetiver.

PASSION Blend has a bold, exotic, spicy aroma that will ignite feelings of excitement & enthusiasm. It contains oils of cardamom, cinnamon, bark, ginger, sandalwood, jasmine, ylang ylang, & orange.

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