FixIts Sticks | 1-Pack

• For DIY repair
• Moldable & reusable eco-plastic
• Made in the UK
$4.99 $2.49
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Moldable bioplastic to help you fix and repair almost anything. Simply heat in hot water, mold, and fix it!

Extend a product's life, save playtime by repairing a favorite toy, or avoid spills by fixing that wobbly dinner table.

Repair your frayed iPhone cable and create a more comfortable grip for your garden tool.

Fixing avoids adding more waste and saves the environment.

Re-heat with a hair dryer and re-mold for new fix-it jobs.

Makes the perfect self-purchase or gifts, and it's one of those things that everyone needs for their home.

A great gift for: dad, the gadget geek, and the eco-conscious.

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