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Flowering Fortunes | Koi Fish

Flowering Fortunes | Koi Fish

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• Materials: Paper-pulp clay lucky token w/ paper fortune inside
• Seeds: Sweet Alyssum, Creeping Daisy or Garden Petunia embedded in paper fortune
• Size: 2” H x 1.75” W
• Made in Japan

Cute Carriers of Good Luck

Koi, specifically nishikigoi, are traditional symbols of love and friendship in Japan, making them perfect for gifting to a special friend.

Hidden inside each of these darling koi fish tokens is a fortune that flowers. Simply pull the string on the bottom of the charm to release it.

The fortune’s paper is embedded with flower seeds. After reading the fortune, sow it and watch luck bloom.

The fortunes cover eight aspects of life like traditional o-mikuji (paper fortunes that are received when making offerings at a Japanese shrine or temple).

Create party favors for adult birthdays, wedding showers and parties.

IMPACT FACT - The charms are made from environmentally friendly paper clay.

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