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Hot Sauce | Rescue Dog

Hot Sauce | Rescue Dog

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• 5 fl. oz. Bottle
• Small Batch
• Made in Oklahoma

Rescue Dog Hot Sauce makes uniquely flavored, small batch, craft hot sauces based out of their Oklahoma City kitchen.

They offer an array of exotic flavors using fresh, local ingredients that are great for spicing up your favorite dish or cocktail!


Everything Rhymes With Hot Sauce: The very first collab with an OKC local brewer & taproom featuring Roughtail's Everything Rhymes With Orange IPA (one of the most popular beers in Oklahoma). Paired this hazy New England style IPA with lots of mandarin oranges and the heat of manzano and habanero peppers. Very citrusy upfront, with a slow burn on the end. Food-wise, this sauce is a delicious addition to fried rice bowls, pizza, eggs, and even desserts. Try it in a spicy margarita for a boozy kick.

Roasted Espresso & Red Pepper: The sauce that put Rescue Dog Hot Sauce on the culinary map. This mild sauce has a backbone of espresso infused vinegar and is finished with cold brew concentrate. The heat from a trio of red peppers is balanced with the sweetness of brown sugar and fresh ginger. Roasted Espresso & Red Pepper sauce pairs best with breakfast foods, pork, beef, and desserts. It has quickly become a popular addition to Bloody Mary’s all over OKC and Tulsa. INGREDIENTS: espresso infused vinegar, onions, red bell peppers, red jalapeños, red habaneros, apple cider vinegar, cold brew concentrate, brown sugar, garlic, salt.

Roasted Jalapeño & Serrano: This one is for the thick 'n chunky fans. Roasted Jalapeño & Serrano is easy to confuse for a verde salsa from your favorite food truck. It’s a straight forward sauce that hits with fresh cilantro and lime, followed by the mild heat of roasted jalapeño and serrano peppers. This is the perfect all-around hot sauce- great for everything from eggs to tacos to burgers to salads. INGREDIENTS: vinegar, jalapeños, serranos, onion, cilantro, garlic, lime, salt.

Mango Unchained: Made with the seductive Sancho mango sour gose from Roughtail, this sauce is mango-forward with a complex, super spicy heat level coming from habenero, manzano, and arbol chili peppers. Mango Unchained pairs great with seafood, chicken, pork, tacos, rice bowls, margaritas and even desserts like ice cream. INGREDIENTS: sancho mango gose, vinegar, mangos, onions, manzanos, habaneros, mango juice, arbol chile, garlic, ginger, salt, all spice, clove.

IMPACT STORY - Rescue Dog Hot Sauce is a mission-backed business run by owner & founder, Tim Heitzman. Tim’s passion for pet adoption prompted the idea to partner his brand with local dog rescues in order to encourage more people to donate and adopt from shelters in the local area. You’ll find Rescue Dog Hot Sauce at pet adoption events and farmer's markets alike!





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