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Victory Key Blank

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• 2.8" X 1.1" X .08
• .6 oz 
• Brass
• Cut at Your Local Hardware Store

Part key, part charm, part conversation starter – the Victory Key Blank is a subtle boast: “I’m your #1 key"

Named for the ubiquitous “foam finger” seen at professional sporting events, the Victory Key Blank is playful, useful, and fun. It provides an opportunity to personalize an extremely utilitarian object, to make your house or office key a source of amusement.

You can take it to any local hardware store for easy cutting, and it comes in KW1 and SC1 varieties. If taking it to the hardware store seems like a stretch, it also functions perfectly well as a charm, adding delight and personality to your keyring ensemble. 

The Victory Key Blank’s unique design allows for easy identification on a crowded keyring, eliminating the frustration of fumbling through multiple keys to find the right one. It also makes a thoughtful and memorable housewarming gift.

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