Matches | Fireplace

• Safety Matches
• 2 Styles
• Made w/ Sustainable Poplar Wood
• Tube Matchbox Dimensions: 12" H x 2" Round
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Fireplace Safety Matches in Tube Matchbox with Geometric Pattern, 2 Colors.

Designer tube match boxes are reusable, and each comes with matches tipped in custom red and blue colors to coordinate with the box's design.

Decorative matches will sit beautifully by your fireplace, hearth, mantel, or in your display kitchen cabinet.

These are a great addition to your housewarming gift or hostess gift and are the perfect accompaniment to a candle.

Extra long matches are great for lighting up your fireplace, your kitchen gas stove, wood stove, barbecue (charcoal grill), chimenea, campfire, or large candles that are hard to reach.



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