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MOKE | 2023 | Black - SOLD

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MOKE | 2023 | Black - SOLD

$29,934.25 $28,234.25
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• Power Type: Battery Electric
• Body Color: Black
• Bumper: White
• Grill: White
• Rollbar: White
• Rims: White
• Seats: White Bench
• Top: White Bimini
• Steering Wheel: Wooden
• Stereo: Bluetooth/USB
• Conditions Apply
• No Modifications

From British classic to Caribbean icon, Moke has become a symbol of fun in the sun. 

Established in 1964, The Moke is a small, front-wheel-drive utility and recreational convertible.

It was conceived and manufactured as a lightweight military vehicle by British Motor Corporation, and subsequently marketed for civilian use.

The Moke is known for its simple, straightforward, door-less design, and for its adaptability. It gets its name from an archaic British term for "mule."

Roger Moore famously drove a Mini Moke in the Bond movie “Live and Let Die” in 1973, leading to its commercial appeal as a Resort-Casual icon.

Fast forward to today and meet the Moke America eMoke, reborn as a battery-powered low-speed vehicle (LSV).

All-electric, street legal and open-air with style, available exclusively in the USA.

• LSV operates in 35 mph and under speed limits only
• Scoots at 25 mph
• 1 charge = 40 Miles
• Made in Sarasota, Florida
• Uses a standard outlet
• Fast charging (and recyclable) batteries
• Can be hosed off inside and out

• 50% Deposit fee: $14,469.63
• Transit Charge (included): $1884.25
• 4% Credit card fee
• 6 month warranty
• Delivery/Shop pick up arranged by buyer
• Once vehicle is ready for delivery, buyer agrees to take delivery within 7 days
• Storage fees of $100/week/vehicle will commence on the eighth (8th) day
• Balance due upon scheduled delivery
• Upon delivery, buyer will need to pay sales tax and registration in order to register the vehicle

Text (405) 535-1428 for additional info or questions about this MOKE.

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