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Notecards | Parks & Rec

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• Card size: 4.5 x 2.125”
• Length: 20 Pages
• Printed & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Whether you’re a bigger fan of waffles than work, or hate skim milk more than you do lying, these ”Wisdom Note” Quote Cards from Papersalt are great for any Parks and Recreation fan - or really anyone who could use a little inspiration and wit from the infamous Pawnee Parks crew.

Each note book contains 20 cards with the best quotes (and life lessons) from Ron Swanson, Leslie Knope, Andy Dwyer, April Ludgate and more.

With a perforated edge on each quote card and the backs left blank, you can remove your favorites to use as you like - and add a personalized message on the back.

The Venue at PLENTY

The Venue at PLENTY

Prime 2024 Dates Still Available