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Pencil Set | Ornamental

Pencil Set | Ornamental

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• Set of 3 w/Paper Envelope
• Materials: Solid Limewood (PEFC-certified), HB/#2 Lead, Matte Black Lacquer
• Dimensions: L: 6.8", 0.28" ø
• Made In: Switzerland

Brand: Tät-Tat, founded in 1994 near Zurich, produces playful design items that charm the eye and delight the mind.

Item Description: Inspired by the love for Brancusi as well as African sculptures, these intricately designed and laser-sculpted wooden pencils are beautiful objects to be used for writing as well as to be admired.


• Dark brown paper envelope contains: Ring, Code and Würfel pencils

• Red paper envelope contains: Eiffel, Pinkt and Turm pencils

NOTE: Pencil lead is Hard Black (HB), a European standard that is equivalent to U.S. #2 pencil lead.

IMPACT STORY - The husband and wife design team, Benedikt and Brigitta Martig-Imhof, are former teachers who work hand in hand with social work programs and institutions throughout Switzerland and Germany, employing up to 300 special-needs persons.

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