Popcorn | Snack Pack

• Popped & packed to order, always fresh & delicious
• Made with gluten-free, non-GMO popcorn
• Handcrafted in small batches 
• Keeps for up to 6 months
 • USA
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Buttery and crisp, always fresh and delicious, Annie B’s handcrafted popcorn is the perfect gourmet snack, party favor, or even a fun addition to recipes.


ORIGINAL CARAMEL: Best-selling popcorn is composed of super-popped fluffy kernels glazed with buttery caramel.

SHARP CHEDDAR: Covered in Cheddar Cheese goodness from Wisconsin.

SEA SALT CARAMEL buttery popcorn is speckled with sea salt for true indulgence. Perfect for snacking, but decadent enough for a party (you will definitely want to hide some for yourself).



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