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Toy Scooters | Primo Wood Foldable

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• FSC-certified 7-ply sustainable wooden scooter
• 3-wheel w/ patented folding system
• Battery-free LED light-up wheels
• Ages 3+
• Holds up to 110 lbs.

A unique, sleek wooden scooter design like you’ve never seen before!

Made from 100% sustainable, premium sourced wood approved and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

These feature-rich scooters deliver the right amount of everything—functionality, style, durability and patented innovations.


• Stylish solid wooden scooter deck with anti-slip grip tape, laser engraved sides, and a large integrated brake, for maximum grip and safe rides while scooting. 

• Easy-to-use and safe, with a robust metal reinforced structure and a patented push-button folding system.

• Light-up scooter wheels flash in Red, Blue and Green thanks to dynamo technology. The faster you go, the brighter the lights flash!

• It’s also an adjustable scooter with a 3-height anodized T-bar and dual-color TPR ergonomic grips, for kids aged 3 to 6+. 

• Equipped with Globber's patented steering lock button, which fixes the steering system of the two front wheels to only move forward and backward, helping to teach children how to balance on a scooter in no time! 


The Venue at PLENTY

The Venue at PLENTY

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