Shower Burst | "HydraAromatherapy"

• Relax in the shower!
• Made in the USA
• All-natural ingredients
• 100% pure essential oils
• Sold as singles
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Transform your ordinary shower into an at-home spa! 

When activated by the water and humidity in your shower, the Shower Bursts release 100% pure essential oils for true aromatherapy experience. 

To use, unwrap Shower Burst and place on a dish or in a Sachet. Wet briefly to activate. Enjoy for multiple showers and re-wet each time. 

Lauryn Melchert 08-04-2020 18:40

These shower bursts are great for a little morning pick me up. They are so easy to use, and work better than any other bath bomb I have tried. My favorite is the cold and flu shower burst if you are ever feeling under the weather this is a great one!!

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