Silicone Stackers | "Happy"

• Stacking cups
• FDA food-safe silicone
• Perfect for snacks
• Made for water play
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The Silicone Happy Stacks are the new must-have Montessori toy. Classic stacking cups just got a massive upgrade.

They're great to have around the house, for everything from playtime to mealtime and even bath time. And they nest together, perfect for on the go.

Mealtime: With solid bottoms and FDA food-safe silicone, each cup can be used as a food container. Perfect for snacks, dipping, and keeping food separate!

Water Fun: Fill, spill and bubble it up. Happy Stacks are made for water play. In the bath, pool, or ocean, they can handle the fun.

IMPACT STORY: Every product sold from this company provides one meal (and sometimes more!) to a child  through partnerships with Feeding America (US) and the Global FoodBanking Network (International). This company is a Certified B-Corporation

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