Silly Putty | Original

• Bouncing, molded fun
• Egg shaped storage container
• Great for the creative child
• Great party favor item
• Fun activity for a group
• Recommended for ages 3+
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Bouncing, moldable fun in a red egg.

Silly Putty, The Real Solid Liquid, has been the classic standard of excellent fun since 1950.

Silly Putty is a very unique substance. It stretches without breaking, yet it can be snapped off cleanly. It bounces higher than a rubber ball. It floats if you shape it in a certain way, yet sinks if shaped in other ways.

It can pick up pencil marks from pages and comics from some newspapers. If you slam it with a hammer, it keeps its shape, yet if you push with a light, even pressure, it will flatten with ease.

Silly Putty is impervious to rot, yet soft and malleable. It can be stretched many times its length without tearing.

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