Snack | Cricket Mini-Kickers

• Dry Roasted
• 100 Count
• 10 Grams
• Made in Lewiston, Maine, USA
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Do you have a sweet tooth? Cotton Candy-flavored cricket treats are just the thing for adventurous snackers.

For the less daring, try the White Cheddar flavored Mini-Kickers. The slightly sharp taste of white cheddar cheese pairs very well with the mild umami flavor of the roasted crickets.

Try them, if you dare! Each tube holds approximately 100 crickets.

IMPACT FACTS - Crickets as food makes sense because there are serious health and environmental benefits. Crickets are healthy offering real animal protein that includes all 9 essential amino acids, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, a strong source of prebiotic fiber, more than 3x more antioxidants compared to orange juice, high in bio-available B12, and much more. Raising crickets for human consumption uses much less land and water than traditional meat and they’re grown humanely and sustainably.

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