Bar Soap | Poison Ivy

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• All-natural
• Made in the USA
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“Leaves of three, let them be!” Yet, if you love the outdoors, chances are you’ll run into either poison ivy, sumac or oak.  

Strong medications are too harsh for children’s skin, and not so great for adults. That’s what led SallyeAnder to create this gentle remedy soap.

It’s handmade, and besides the signature olive oil blend, it is filled with organic oatmeal, pink clay, and essential oils of balsam and Amyris. It’s rich in glycerin so it won’t dry out your hands, body or clothes. 

Because poison ivy contains an oily toxin called urushiol, it’s very important that the soap you use is able to remove the oil.

Poison Ivy soap can be used in your bath or shower. It provides itch relief and is safe for the face, body and children’s delicate skin.

Safeguard your family from poison ivy, oak or sumac - keep a bar of Poison Ivy Soap in your first aid kit.

Free of artificial dyes, sulfates, parabens, and chemicals. Safe for all skin types.

Ingredients: olive oil blend, organic oatmeal, pink clay, balsam, and Amyris essential oils.


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