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• Weather-Proof
• Water-Resistant
• Made in the USA
• Designed In House
• Exclusive to PLENTY
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These weatherproof stickers withstand exposure from rain, snow, sunlight and more.

Printed on vinyl with a permanent adhesive & coated with a protective laminate that makes them durable & resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, & water.

Take your weatherproof stickers on your favorite adventures - from the beach to the mountains - all year round.

Perfect for lockers, laptops, water bottles, helmets, snow & skate boards, food containers...the sky’s the limit!

Step 1: Surface should be between 50-80 Degrees F.

Step 2: Make sure surface is clean & dry.

Step 3: Smooth out the back of sticker to insure sticker & clear masking stick together.

Step 4: Peel sticker back from paper. The clear masking will bring sticker up with it. 

Step 5: Apply sticker evenly & smooth center out.

Step 6: Slowly peel back masking from sticker to give it a clean look.


Lauryn 09-04-2020 18:29

These stickers are so much fun!! I gave one to a friend, and she loved it! They are also super durable and can last in all types of weather conditions.

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