Cheese Storage Paper | 15-Pack

• 15 two-ply sheets, 11 x 14"
• Wax-coated
• Adhesive labels for marking
• Made in France
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Formaticum Cheese Storage Paper and adhesive labels work together to help maintain freshness and flavor.

Unlike plastic wrap, this coated material is porous enough to allow your cheese to breathe while retaining ample humidity to keep it from drying out.

Professional-grade storage paper traditionally used by retailers throughout Europe to package and preserve cheese.

Use these sheets of paper to pack cute little snack boxes for your next picnic.

Whether you prefer sharp cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, gruyere, brie, asiago or goat cheese, this paper is just what you need.

Keep your cheese fresh for fancy grilled cheese sandwiches or a nice charcuterie board/platter for brunch or tapas course.

There is space provided to write the name of the cheese and the date you bought it.

These coated, cheese-wrapping sheets will make you a snacking professional. Vive le Fromage!

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