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Microfiber Tea Towel | Refresh

Microfiber Tea Towel | Refresh

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• Premium Designer Tea Towels
• 18 x 30 in
• 11.3 oz / 320 grams
• 100% Microfiber
• Single-Sided Design
• Printed in California

When you need a little pattern boost in the kitchen, look no further than these printed towels from Geometry.

With floral numbers, geometric shapes, and everything in between, there’s a little something for everyone here.

Soft microfiber means they’re ultra-absorbent and quick-drying, too.

Another perk? They're conscientiously made from post-consumer recycled bottles while supplying you with everyday essentials.

Locally printed in California with playful pattern options so you can refresh your towel rack as you like.

For drying hands, sopping up spills, and baking duty, we're keeping ours within reach.

Care: Machine wash with a mild detergent in warm or hot water. Dry on low heat or no heat. It's best to wash and dry Geometry microfiber towels with other microfiber products only.

Impact Fact - Each Geometry towel equals the material of 3.50 post-consumer recycled bottles.

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The Venue at PLENTY

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