Candle | Drover

• Made w/ 100% American Grown Soy
• Poured & Assembled in Oklahoma
• Phthalate-Free Natural Fragrance Oils
• Reusable/Recyclable Metal Tin Can
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From the maker: "Every family has that workshop - full of sawdust, oil cans, and old photos hanging on the wall. Stories are swapped, lessons are shared, and quality time is spent working on projects together. The idea behind the Drover is those memories I had growing up in my grandpa’s workshop. Drovers moved cattle across our state for decades. That same work ethic and grit is still being passed down, though often working on an engine or building a shelf instead of being in the saddle."

The Drover is a blend of Leather & Bergamot, a rich mixture that will take you back to those memories getting your hands dirty growing up.

• Top: Tobacco, Leather
• Heart: Bergamot, Juniper, Cedar
• Base: Musk

IMPACT FACT - 10% of Candle Sales Goes to Conservation Efforts to Restore America's Prairies



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