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• 100% Arabica Colombian coffee
• Non-GMO, all-natural, soy-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, kosher certified
• Made in USA from responsibly sourced ingredients
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Cream + Sugar coffee bar combines everything you love about a rich, medium-roast coffee, with a silky-smooth blend designed for mocha lovers. Contains 100-120mg of natural caffeine.

Dark Roast coffee bar has the deep and rich essence of true 100% arabica coffee. This recipe packs the caffeine kick that’s sure to get you through the day. For the coffee purist. Contains 130-150mg of natural caffeine.

Hazelnut coffee bar is made with medium-roast 100% arabica colombian coffee. Combine this with rich tones of hazelnut coffee, and you’ll be going nuts for hazelnut. Contains 110-130mg of natural caffeine.

Lavender Vanilla coffee bar is crafted with medium-dark roast coffee infused with notes of french vanilla and lavender flowers. Contains 120-140 mg of natural caffeine.






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