Spice Blend | Okie Rub

• Net wt 1.90 oz / 56 g
• Salt + Sugar-Free
• Pure Ingredients - No dyes or coatings
• Flavor-Packed + Multi-Purpose
• Made in Oklahoma
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Add a little smoky, peppery flavor to any meats.

Grill and roast with Okie Rub for the perfect spice that the whole family will enjoy!


"At Nourished Roots Spice Co., we are dedicated to flavor without junk. This line was inspired by travel and celebrating cultural cuisine. We wanted to bring the wanderlust of adventure to you kitchen cabinet. Now, you can eat around the world all from the comfort of your own home. This line of spice blends is for everyone - from the brand new cook to the advanced chef!
We believe every family deserves to share a fresh, crave-able meal everyday. We believe in the joy, love and warmth of a home made meal. We believe cooking should be an experience, not a chore. We believe in building stronger families around a kitchen table. We believe healthy doesn't mean bland. We want to inspire you to play in the kitchen and #eathomemade."

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