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Worcestershire Sauce | Col Pabst | Large

Worcestershire Sauce | Col Pabst | Large

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• 16 oz / 473 ml
• Primary ingredient is BEER
• All natural
• Small batch
• Made in Milwaukee, WI, USA

A sauce with so much hipster street cred you'd think it was made in Brooklyn. Yes, THE Col. Pabst, as in Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

Once the hipsters of the world find out about this worcestershire sauce they're going to go nuts, and you'll be there to say you tried it first.

The origins of this all malt amber-lager worcestershire sauce is beer. The recipe was created by Colonel Gustave Pabst, son of Pabst brewery founder Captain Frederick Pabst.

The worcestershire company was started by Kate Quartaro, the great granddaughter of Gustave. Not only was she born into beer, she worked in the beer world for many years as a brewer around Chicago and Wisconsin. 

Kate took her great grandfather's recipe and crafted a worcestershire sauce that stands heads and shoulders above the market leading brand. She makes the sauce in small batches, starting with Milwaukee's own Lakefront Brewery beer.

She blends more than twenty different ingredients, from tamarind, curry, ginger, garlic and more and brews it all together. Then she strains it, bottles it, and wraps it up in super cool packaging. 

In addition to its 'hipster' attracting abilities, it's really versatile stuff. Worcestershire sauce is one of those ingredients that most of us throw into all sorts of dishes and call it our "secret ingredient."

The Col. Pabst recipe tastes far less salty than that other one you've seen, and has far more complexity in its flavor. It's a little bit beery, garlic-y, sweet, spicy, tangy and rich. 

"Made primarily with beer, not vinegar, this version of the classic includes tamarind, ginger and Madras curry. It's fabulous in pan sauces for chicken or beef."
 Food & Wine Magazine

"Love how delicious Col Pabst’s Worcestershire sauce is, just by the spoonful standing at my kitchen counter."
 Jean, Austin, TX

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