Book | Anti-Anxiety Notebook

• 270 pages
• 75 gsm cream paper for smooth writing
• Hardcover w/ thread-sewn, flat-lay binding
• Linen cover material | Heat-sealed ribbon
• (LxWxH): 8.25 x 5.25 x 0.80 in, 0.95 lb
• Made in the USA
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Reduce your anxiety, manage stress, and become more aware of your thought patterns through this easy to use, guided notebook. Made by therapists using evidence-based, clinically-validated techniques. 

This notebook utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a rigorously tested and widely used treatment modality for anxiety, to help you develop the skills to identify, challenge, and change unhelpful thought patterns for the better.


100 Guided Journal Entries

Whenever you feel something emotionally potent, use your notebook. You can use this however often you feel comfortable, whether that’s daily or on an as-needed basis. The journal entry format is based on today’s most robustly research-backed therapist tool for anxiety, CBT.

Structured Exercises

Your notebook asks you a series of prompts that help reframe your unhelpful thoughts and take a new perspective on the situation. This exercise is widely-used by therapists and their clients who do CBT, but is presented in a more accessible format that you can utilize any time you feel anxious or stressed.

5 Check-in Therapy Tools

In addition to the CBT-based journal entries that are the backbone of this notebook, 5 other effective, evidence-based techniques are also included to help you find and explore the tools that are most suited to your individual needs. These sections are also an opportunity for your to check in, reflect, and take stock of how far you’ve come.

100+ Notes & Tips

This notebook is filled with 100+ notes from therapists to help guide you as you journal. There’s one per journal entry, but it’s also useful to skim through a few pages whenever you need additional guidance, tips, or insight.

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